Leading R&D tax specialists in the UK. with Shencohs unique method to R&D tax claims we have had a 100% success rate for our clients. Why don’t you see if you are eligible with the Shencoh quick quiz eligibility checker or you can contact Shencoh and one of our experts directly today.

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Companies that invest money into developing new products, services, and processes or enhancing existing ones, are eligible for benefits such as a cash payment, reduction of corporation tax.

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Shencoh has a large team of specialists that are trained within research and development tax rebates, they only focus on R&D tax rebates so let our team take the hassle of claiming R&D away from you to save you valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. So contact us today for a quick chat to see if you are eligible to claim. Or check if you are eligible for R&D tax credits by using the Shencoh R&D eligibility checker.

Welcome to Shencoh, one of the UK’s leading specialist R&D tax credit consultants.

The Research & Development tax credit incentive was introduced in April 2000 by HMRC and is designed to encourage and reward UK based Ltd companies for investing in innovative products, services and processes by providing them with a tax credit of up to 33p for every £1 invested.

Our goal is to provide you with the funds you are entitled to so your business can continuously innovate, improve, and grow. Due to our no claim no fee policy, our success of finding and claiming your R&D is crucial to help us both grow and develop. That’s why Shencoh are trusted by all our clients to ensure the best results for them and their business when claiming back R&D tax credits.

Our process is designed to identify who qualifies for the incentive and achieve the maximum amount available, in the shortest time possible. SHENCOH has successfully claimed over 30 million in research and development tax claims for our clients, with the average claim being £54,000 across all sectors and specialisms.

SHENCOH’s highly skilled team of professionals consists of research & cost analysts, chartered accountants, and solicitors – all of whom have extensive experience in investigating and submitting successful Research & Development tax credit claims will guide you through the process step-by-step.

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We hire the best in Research and Development, from operatives to the highly skilled managers
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R&D claim process. Our team are all focused on client experience and maximum claims for clients.

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Our Research & Development Tax specialists have developed a unique approach to creating a claim. It is a highly successful
process, with a 100% success rate to make sure you get the
most out of your Research & Development tax claim.

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