Tax Credits eligibility for Research and Development is often misinterpreted as a criterion by which you need to have reinvented the wheel or split the atom. The truth is, you don’t need to have set up a laboratory or be working in the science industry. In the last few years, brand new doors have opened up that are granting R&D Tax Credits eligibility to a much wider range of businesses.


1 – You Can Still Claim Even if You’re Not in Profit


R&D Tax Credits are the only form of tax relief whereby a company can still claim even if they are operating at a loss therefore not paying tax. This includes carrying losses forward. HMRC appreciate that a company may have used their profits to develop new products, processes or systems, or to make appreciable improvements to the industry.


2 -You Can Still Claim Even if Your Project was Unsuccessful


HMRC still appreciate businesses that are trying to bring innovation forward in their industry. All you need to go forward with a claim is proof of you trying to create something innovative and evidence of you identifying and attempting to address the issues that have come up. Companies can even claim for shelved projects.



3 – You have Eligibility if Your Project Exists in Another Industry


HMRC are looking for innovation that’s relevant to your industry. The whole point of the initiative is to encourage business owners to adapt and improve on existing industries, so why not existing services? The initiative has been created with an intent to power the economy by improving the way that we work and provide our services.


4 – HMRC Have Issued New Grounds of Eligibility


Lots of new doors are opening for UK Limited companies. Up to 95% of companies eligible to claim still haven’t, due to common misconceptions that they’re not eligible. HMRC have issued new grounds of eligibility, meaning more areas are now claimable than ever before.


5 – You’re Still Eligible if You’ve Made Unique Adaptations to Existing Products or Services


This is a really broad statement that covers an immense range of industries. But the truth is, HMRC are just looking to reward creative and innovative businesses that have brought anything forward to their industry that is unique in its own way.

Our expert team specialise in identifying every part of your business that constitutes as R&D. Each of our Research and Development experts is highly experienced in identifying claimable areas and every case is looked over by a minimum of 5 of our specialists, ensuring no stone is left unturned.


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