Business Process Documentation is defined as taking note of all processes and actions taken from start to present within your company. This can include anything from hours put in and expenses to individual tasks or large campaigns, documenting every detail of time, cost and most importantly, process.

When your business is fully up and running or if you’re new to documenting your business processes, you can start with documenting in detail important processes of your day to day work such as launching new products.

Although it may give the appearance of just another paper trail, when put to a productive use, business process documentation can be a tool for using this knowledge for the better, in terms of training and quality later. Business Process Documentation is also ideal for analysis and comparison of results, so your business can continue to identify and grow.


1. Be More Organised

Staying on top of absolutely everything that comes in and out of the business is going to save you mounds of time later. With this method, we can flick back through time to recover any type of information later.


business process documentation organisation


2. You Know Best

Your business, your rules. You’re always going to feel more secure knowing your whole team is using your own tried and tested methods that you have been working on since the start.

This method of tracking your activity means that staff training is a simple process that goes right by the book, your book.

3. Structure

In saying that, the same goes for creating company structure. You’ll find that when you’re working closely with trying to create defined processes based on all the information you’ve gathered, a structure will start to take form around how your business works.

Furthermore, this helps with crisis control in the future, if all processes and workloads are always being documented, it’s much easier to recover from things such as staff absences etc.


Business process documentation - problems


4. Identifying Problems

If an error should occur in any type of campaign, Business Process Documentation gives you the luxury of having a quick look back at where it went wrong. This makes the entire crisis control process much more straightforward, as the issue can be lifted out and rectified often within minutes.

5. Better Planning

Knowing your processes inside and out and what works for your business gives you the upper hand for any type of future planning. This helps to nurture and grow the business, as you can take a look back at everything from how long tasks take realistically to cost and all of the tools in between.

6. Better Rebates

For new starters especially, Business Process Documentation is savoured for making bookkeeping easier and never missing a penny of expenditure. Although this is a huge benefit, we believe that Business Process Documentation could help Limited Company owners across the UK to make even bigger claims on their R&D expenditure.

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