Research & Development Tax Credit Specialists

Shencoh is a leading Research and Development (R&D) tax credit claims specialist. We help
businesses claim HMRC tax incentives, and allow innovative businesses to grow through
securing clients funding, removing the hard work for them.

R&D tax claims is our sole focus

As Shencoh is one of the largest Research & Development tax consultants in the UK, you can rest assured your claim is being handled by highly-skilled, experienced professionals.

We have developed a unique and highly-efficient system, which streamlines the R&D tax claims process, ensuring that you receive the maximum rebate while using as little of your valuable time as possible.

Our Goals

Quality assurance and customer service are some of our key goals. We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service to our clients and partners.

We receive referrals from clients and partners as we consistently deliver remarkable results, trusting us to deliver the same level of quality and service to companies within their network. We often get referred by clients to aid other businesses with their R&D tax credit claims.

Meet The Team

Mike Shenton



I am a co-founder and managing director of Shencoh. With over eight years of experience founding and creating small businesses organically and more than 11 years experience in management.

I am passionate about saving companies across all sectors vast amounts of money and creating a client base of business owners who help us grow by allowing us to help them grow first. Core skills are R&D tax legislation, customer service, process and structure design and implementation, management, training, motivating, accounts, business and marketing strategy.

The ability to always look forward and improve has created an open mind and a successful business helping companies nationwide retrieve their optimum entitlement from HMRC.

Max Cohen



Our business may have begun behind a desk, but it grows from your growth and succeeds from the changes we make directly through your success in innovation. I am Max, a co-founder of Shencoh and managing director.

I am inspired by the advancement of science and technology, by nurturing growth in companies that deserve it through our tax specialist service. Everything I do is designed to make the process of our service efficient and impactful to your business.

I am motivated to give back to the world and make a difference through helping your business gain traction and advance the fields of science and technology.

John Mousley

Finance Director, Claims Submissions Manager

Finance Director, Claims Submissions Manager

John graduated in Chemistry from Edinburgh University many more years ago than he cares to remember. After graduation, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant with BDO, working in London, Manchester and Rossendale. He then moved to a smaller practice in central Manchester where he was audit manager for ten years.

John then spent several years being company accountant for firms in both the manufacturing and property sectors.

John joined Shencoh in January 2018 and is responsible for the submissions team, ensuring that claims are submitted on a timely basis, complying with Shencoh’s own quality control guidelines.

Outside Shencoh, John has been married for 30 years with three children. He is a keen walker and rambler and has Kilimanjaro in his sights this year.

Jodie Buxton

Sales & Compliance Manager

Sales & Compliance Manager

Positivity and optimism are Jodie’s answer to pretty much everything in life!

First joining SHENCOH in January 2018, she has been fortunate to witness the growth of the business and within herself from the start. Working at SHENCOH allowed Jodie to develop her skills, self and her knowledge base. We are optimistic it will continue to do so later in years.

After a lot of hard work and learning, not to mention the blood, sweat and tears, Jodie earnt her role as manager. Leading a team of agents in our amazing sales office, this is where most clients and potential clients first learn about SHENCOH and the amazing R&D initiative for growth and innovation.

Jodie was later promoted, again, into our Business Development Team, managing and dealing with our client relationships. Ensuring clients are fully satisfied, she also deals with referral schemes, for both clients and accountancy firms across the UK. She enjoys introducing more companies to SHENCOH and educating others, which is not only interesting but super exciting too!

Speaking of excitement! Jodie is soon to be blessed with her firstborn, she will then return in 2021 with the little one

Gary Lavelle

Operations Director

Operations Director

Gary dropped out of a Construction Management degree after deciding that he did not have a passion for the role. The next few years led him around the world as a personal trainer on a cruise ship. Back with feet on solid ground, Gary started on his self-made career.

With a keen interest in all things related to science and technology, he eventually started with Shencoh in early 2017 in the Technical Department. With a lot of drive and a desire to help client’s, Gary has worked his way up to the role of Operations Director.

His most satisfying part of his job is seeing his favourite clients grow their business year on year alongside the exponential growth of Shencoh and the fantastic team, he works alongside.

Martin Raffo

Team Manager

Team Manager

Martin has been with Shencoh since the beginning as a sales agent and has been in many different roles within this business; Sales Agent, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and now Sales Director.


Martin has over ten years of experience in sales and now more than four years at Shencoh, specifically within the Research and Development Tax Credits sector. His core skills are; R&D Tax Legislation, training and development, management, planning and strategy and customer service.


Outside of work, he likes to both play and watch football. His position in football is center back and He was adamant to have this same position for our very own Shencoh football team.

Godfrey Mwananshiku

Sales Manager

Sales & Compliance Manager

Godfrey originally hails from East London but decided Manchester was a great place to reside after an epic University experience. He began at Shencoh in March 2019 on the sales team under Jodie Buxton, where he then worked his way up to Senior R&D Team Leader after 4 months with the company with the support and guidance from Jodie and also Martin another Senior manager.

He is responsible for a great team full of spectacular individuals and together to achieve high set goals every day.

Godfrey is a big advocate for any self-help/personal development orientated activates and his obscure hobby at the moment involves reading the first two chapters of a book and then starting a new one.

He aspires towards a beautiful future with his family and has embarked upon a mission to raise the level of consciousness in as many people as possible.

Zubair Ahmed

Head Of Sales

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Zubair graduated from Huddersfield University in 2010 with a BA Global Logistics Business degree. He is an impressive service and sales leader with multiple years of management experience. As an individual, Zubair is someone who can facilitate change, growth and development. Zubair possesses strong business and customer management skills.

Zubair is highly entrepreneurial and strategically minded and holds excellent client relationship skills. His key skills include operational leadership, management, commercial issues and business development with the ability to influence and engage with direct and indirect reports. He has lead our sales team to large success and only looks to expanding the sales team here at Shencoh.

Zubair joined Shencoh in December 2019, he ensured that we provide a quality sales service for our clients at Shencoh and support business of all sizes to claim R&D tax credit. He states that his main objective in Shencoh is to support businesses reach their maximum potential in their R&D tax claim.

David Lewis

Compliance and Policy Manager

Compliance and Policy Manager

David had previously worked in direct and telesales over 12 years, covering business to business as well as business to customer sales in such diverse areas as electricity supply and bulk digital media.

David began his work for Shencoh in October 2018 as a research analyst. In six months, he had created R&D reports for clients with a total benefit value exceeding £1M and was given a promotion to Senior Research Analyst. Since then he has worked with a small dedicated department to implement ongoing changes and adjustments to key areas of the business.

Olivia Tomlinson

Head Of Legal

Head Of Legal

Olivia graduated with a Masters in Law from Northumbria University in 2017. She began working for Shencoh in June 2019 as a Compliance Officer under a wonderful manager. Olivia is focussed on ensuring that all internal and external procedures are followed with client satisfaction at the forefront of her decisions.

Olivia was appointed as the Head of Legal in December 2019 and began building the team. She is determined to ensure that Shencoh is representing itself in the best possible manner to give the clients the best possible experience.

Outside of work, Olivia enjoys all things food, especially curry.

Atif Mahmood

Technical Team Manager

Technical Team Manager

Atif graduated in Criminology with Forensic Science from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2016. His desire to develop himself further led Atif towards a Masters degree in Criminology and Cybercrime.

Atif Joined the Shencoh team in November 2018 and was promoted to Technical Manager in October 2019. Atif ensures all reports submitted to HMRC are of the highest technical standard while also ensuring reports are completed efficiently.

Outside of work, Atif is a huge football fan and a big advocate of Broccoli.

Bethany Hamilton

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager

Beth graduated in English Literature from Leeds Beckett University in 2016. She started working in face to face sales straight after this, where she was given a promotion to Sales Manager and moved to London to grow and expand the business.


After a change of direction in her career, Beth joined the Shencoh team in February 2019 where she was promoted to the Customer Service Manager in July 2019. Beth ensures that all claims are dealt with promptly and efficiently and that our service exceeds our client’s expectations.

Kirsty Campbell

Assistant Customer Service Manager

Assistant Customer Service Manager


Kirsty has been with SHENCOH since 1st October 2018, where she began working in the customer service department and since the beginning, she was promoted to the assistant customer service manager role.


Inspired by the work we carry out for our clients, Kirsty is driven, and seeing, the result for, clients receiving their benefits.
She claims “the work we do is doing great things, which makes me proud”.