Our team of R&D tax specialists are committed to delivering outstanding service to our partners and customers.

We have a dedicated relationship manager and online hub with your personal login, to ensure you are kept up-to-date on all progress, as we help your client benefit from a successful R&D tax claim.

It’s win-win. We keep our clients happy, which mean your clients are satisfied, too.

How we partner with accountants

An R&D tax claims partnership with Shencoh will add value to your clients’ businesses without taking up too much of your time.

You’ll benefit from seeing your clients flourish with a new source of funding that will help them to grow and become more competitive, strengthening their relationship with you.

We work with many of the UK’s leading accountancy firms and financial advisers and offer a flexible service that will complement your practice’s offering.

How does the claims process work?

We can provide information on how to identify qualifying expenditure. However, we typically find the most straightforward method is a telephone call or a meeting with your client to assess potential qualifying activity.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that we can work with you and your clients to identify all elements of expenditure, which could potentially qualify for relief, therefore ensuring every claim is maximised.

How does Shencoh look after its clients?

Client satisfaction is our primary concern. We tailored our client journey to ensure that the client receives the maximum claim possible while taking minimal time away from their schedule.

What’s more, our bespoke and highly advanced customer relationship manager (CRM) software enables us to provide a high-quality, seamless service to our clients and partners. With this software, we can provide partners with a dedicated online hub allowing them to monitor their clients’ progress remotely and in real-time.

Can you guarantee a successful claim?

By carrying out full due diligence before using our report, we can guarantee a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Can you offer a hands-on approach?

Some of our accountancy partners look for us to provide a turnkey solution by handling the entire R&D claim process from start to finish. Equally, some of our clients prefer to play an active role in the claims process.

Whichever way you would prefer to work, we offer a flexible approach and are on-hand as your trusted research and development tax specialists, enabling you to ensure that all of your clients can benefit from HMRC incentives available to qualifying businesses.

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