Coronavirus is in the air, businesses forced to work remotely, food delivery services are thriving; with Deliveroo now offering contactless delivery and some industries are struggling because of social distancing but what does this mean for the economy?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised to do “whatever it takes” when it comes to protecting our UK economy. One of his points, from the daily TV updates, was that the government has promised £330bn in loans, to support the economy. Support for larger businesses, the Chancellor agreed to a facility with the Bank of England, and smaller businesses will have access to loans of up to £5m.

Giants in the tech industry are also aiding society, with the likes of IBM, utilising their supercomputer to develop new drugs to fight the virus. Google, reminding us of their free applications to ease the current remote working lifestyle.

World Health organisation is reaching out through social media, #safehands campaign, to remind people that hand sanitisation is key in the fight against coronavirus.

We are reminded, in this day-and-age, we are well equipped too, as the good old British saying goes, keep calm and carry on.

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