Apple is a perfect example of how to continue to innovate within your industry. Walking in the footsteps of the late, great Steve Jobs, the Apple future products pipeline looks to bring us into a futuristic world that is generally thought to be hundreds of years away. It’s ideas like these that led to Apple holding the title of the world’s most innovative company.

We’re now living in a reality where technology is everywhere, robotic home assistants are already very accessible for totally normal families, in the form of robotic household tools such as the Dyson 360 Eye Vacuum, we have reactive home robot friends, in the likes of Cozmo by Anki. We also have a range of fully functional voice-activated home technology, in the form of Alexa and Google Home.

Apple’s Most Innovative Products of All Time:


Apple Car

The Apple Car is rumoured to be launching in 2020 and is looking to bring us another step further to a technological world. It’s hard not to picture the next step being flying cars!



Apple is famously the best innovators and a huge part of that comes from listening to your customers. Apple never misses a beat with what the market is looking for. And it doesn’t come much more convenient than wireless headphones, with a wireless charging case to match.

Wireless Charging

Speaking of wireless charging, Apple has set out to create a wireless charging dock, the AirPower wireless charging mat. The charging mat allows you to charge all your devices at once, without ‘getting your wires crossed’, so to speak. Apple Watches, iPhones and AirPods will all be compatible.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is an amazing piece of technology, something we’ve pictured in movies and TV shows for years, that’s finally here. The Apple Watch is essentially a tiny computer or iPhone that you can wear – track heart rate, make voice commands and even phone calls.

Face ID and Fingerprint Technology

New security features from Apple have now made our devices safer than ever. Using unique new features such as Face ID to ensure convenience and privacy.


The HomePod is advertised as a smart speaker but it actually has a whole lot more to offer. The HomePod is looking to be a real competitor for the likes of the earlier mentioned Alexa and Google Home; through the HomePod, Siri is immersed into your home and can assist you with anything from playing music via voice command to giving you updates and controlling home appliances.

Apple Pencil


The Apple Pencil has now made creating a digital drawing as pixel perfect as using a regular pencil and paper. The Apple Pencil allows you to create digital drawings on your iPad and is fully responsive to tilting and pressure sensitive. Meaning you get all the precision in your digital drawings of a real-life sketch.


So, what is the close future looking like in terms of new science and technology? Are we potentially looking at a future where anything is possible?

Although some of Apples upcoming projects won’t be until “way into the 2020s”, we could quite possibly be at the dawn of a new age.

Apple are a great example of a business that filled all the gaps in the market, then invented new ones. Apple have manufactured products we didn’t even know we needed and made them an everyday essential.


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