Whether you’re running a startup or you’ve been in the game for years, new business tips pop up year on year. We’ve hand-picked 5 of the best trends for business, that you should be working on in 2018.

1 – User Experience


business tips-1

New services are clever in 2018; they know that what really sells is to give your user an unforgettable experience. Think of the Anne Frank Museum, for example, people are going there to be immersed in the environment. There’s nothing there that we haven’t already been taught or can’t learn online. People visit the museum to look, feel and experience the moment.

Your business should have this as a primary focus. How does this service benefit the consumer? Could you give them more? What would this service look like in the consumer’s dreams?


2 – Know Your Digital Audience


business tips-2-coffee

There’s a huge arrangement of completely free tools now available to help you do this. Even if you’re just looking into your Google Analytics data for your website, a vague impression of who your audience is and where you can find them online is going to be a massive boost.

Although we tend to shrug it off and assume we do know our audience, without this data, we only know who we want our audience to be – who we’re aiming for. This data can give a massive indication of which audience groups your services are most successful with, in detail. Surround future marketing, products and the tone of your brand around this data and not only will you stimulate this group but grow it too.


3 – Localised Searches


business tips localised searches

Even if you’re a nationwide country, this is something you should be doing. Someone could be making a localised search for this service not knowing they can receive it online, from anywhere. This is a perfect opportunity to put yourself in front of consumers that may not have come across your company at all otherwise.


4 – Be Team Focused


business tips - team

For 9/10 businesses, the employees are the foundation that keeps the services functioning, so it’s important that they feel valued by you for their hard work.

Company rewards are known to be a highly effective source of motivation; it gives your employees the incentive to work hard.

Company treats don’t have to mean huge cash bonuses. Websites like Perkbox are the perfect place to get inspiration and set up your reward scheme.


5 – Communicate and Update (Share Business Tips Like These!)


business tips-communicate

Stay on top of what’s happening in your industry and your company. Apps like Slack make group chats and instant messaging as easy as your favourite social media platform, without giving the team any type of irrelevant content to get distracted by.

Check out short videos about your services, products or industry – or even just about workplace motivation and use these platforms to share them with your team in a way that’s less formal, more fun and is less likely to be ignored.



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