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A Change of View

Micheal Shenton, Director at Shencoh, recently participated in the illustrious Jay Cannon Cannon run, in which participants drive across Europe. Customising his Audi S6 with Shencoh, Claim My Tax Refund and Cannon run branding; Granted Shencoh its first significant international exposure. Now Europe is aware of the companies and services we provide. Mike travelled from Manchester to London for the scheduled meetup, consisting of participants from across the UK. London became a Mecca for sports car enthusiasts, amongst the well-known brands of cars, the Shencoh-branded monster fiercely stood out.From London, participators crossed over 3,000 miles of Europe. Touring beautiful locations residing in Paris, Leon, Grenoble, French Alps, Monaco, Lake Como, Milan, Bolzano, Stelvio pass, Grossglockner-Austria, Munich, Nürburgring, Dusseldorf, Rotterdam and finished in the charming city of Hull. This travelling was at the expense of 14 tanks of fuel. However, at 185mph on the autobahn, fuel consumption is the very last thought.The research and development into the automotive industry have delivered such opportunities in travel, covering distances quicker and safer than ever before. Also, the development in road infrastructure over the years has presented travelling by car, an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.
“The views over Stelvio pass remain breathtaking and should be enjoyed by everyone at least once in their life” is how Mike had described one of his many experiences amid the tour. Without development in the automotive sector, such experiences behind the wheel would never exist.Discussing viewpoints, Shencoh has officially relocated to Waterfront Quay, located in Salford Quays. The office views are awe-inspiring. Old Trafford is visible from across the Quays. The commutes to and from the office are spectacular, as we adhere to government guidelines, the parks and greenery around the office offer a rare tranquillity, being so close to Manchester city centre.The new office address is Laser House, Waterfront Quay, Salford Quays, M50 3XWIf you would like to enquire regarding our services or potential R&D activity within your field, please feel free to drop by and talk to one of our R&D tax specialists, you may be entitled to cashback from HMRC worth on average £54,000.