The key to a high functioning business is team motivation. Everyone is aware of the general rules of thumb with how to motivate a team; but of course, there is always more room to keep pushing for more, just like we do with our teams. Here are our top tips on how we keep our outstanding team achieving unbelievable results month on month.

1. Start the Day Right

Morning meetings don’t have to be hours long and shouldn’t just be saved for Mondays. A 15-minute meeting in the morning to remind your team what they’re trying to achieve and let people brainstorm together can seriously increase productivity.

2. Break Up The Day

If rules don’t already stand around this, encourage your team not to eat at their desks. Even having a table or breakfast bar in the office can make a huge difference to the energy in the room, how can a break feel like a break if you’re still sat among your workload?!

3. Encourage Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance has a huge effect on how your team feel about coming to work and their quality of life at all. Encourage your team to get involved in hobbies and leisure activities with the money they’re working so hard to earn. This will provide another reason to keep working hard and eliminate the work, home, sleep repeat routine.

4. Talk About Work

Ask your team how they’re doing. It’s more difficult to know how to motivate a team if you don’t know where the problems lie. Ask about their workloads, how they’re finding things and if they have any concerns.

5. Personalised (but tidy!) Workspaces

Besides home, work is the place where we spend the most time and a team member’s desk is their own space, so it should feel that way.

6. Don’t Get Bored

If you’re having a bit of a slow day, have your team pop on a motivational video or have a quick chat about your targets after lunch, this will wake them back up and remind them what got them here in the first place.

7. Set Targets

Set targets to be met for regular work the team would be doing anyway. This gives your team something to aim towards and sets standards for the quality of work. This makes regular, sometimes mundane tasks, feel like an achievement and gives the team something to celebrate.

8. Be a Family

Get your team out together! Encourage and nurture office friendships and your relationship with your team. As long as the hard work and focus is there, feeling like they’re coming into work to see people they love is going to shoot work ethic through the roof.

9. Rewards

Giving your team something to work towards and look forward to can really increase morale in the office. Even if incentives and prizes aren’t within your monthly budget, things such as vouchers and a bottle of Prosecco can be really encouraging when you’ve been working for it and a few works parties to look forward to are always a huge bonus.

10. Say “Thank You”

Saying “thank you” is so easy to do yet so effective. Being genuinely grateful for the help and hard work of your team increases the feeling of value in the group. You can put some extra momentum on this by giving regular encouragement and positive feedback.