Jodrell Bank in South Cheshire is the site of the world-famous astronomical research centre of the University of Manchester. It’s the Astrophysics hub for the North West and one of the most important science destinations in our region. The most identifiable landmark at the site is the Lovell telescope which has been scanning the depths of space since 1957. The diameter of the bowl is 76.2 metres and the maximum height above ground is 89 metres. The telescope is a local landmark visible on take-off and landing from Manchester Airport. It works by rotation on circular railway tracks. The bowl can be tilted at any angle and directed at any point in the sky.

The Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre is a creative learning environment and is part of the University of Manchester. The planets and the cosmos are brought to life in the various galleries and pavilions. There are events and activities for people of all ages throughout the year. Jodrell Bank is a science trailblazer for the North West and an inspirational destination for the next generation of scientists and innovators.

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