Every May in the UK is stroke awareness month and this year the Stroke Association have a nationwide mission to #MakeMayPurple, in honour of those who have suffered from a Stroke in the past.

Not only does the colour purple and the month of tribute to this cause raise huge awareness for the charity but all donations; but the money raised goes towards aftercare plans for those who have suffered a stroke and much needed support for their loved ones.

The work behind #MakeMayPurple is teaching stroke sufferers valuable rehabilitation skills and helping them to regain their independence.

Another wonderful influence from this charity is the awareness raised about spotting when someone is experiencing a stroke and knowing how to address the situation, which is helping to save lives each and every day.

Rehabilitation following a Stroke is a long and difficult journey, for both the Stroke victim and their loved ones. Stroke Association are bringing the UK together to support everyone affected by Strokes in the UK.

This month, the whole team here at Shencoh will be supporting #MakeMayPurple as our charity of the month.

If you would like to know more about the charity, click here. To make a donation via our Just Giving page, click here.


We proudly ran our first fundraiser day for #MakeMayPurple with Stroke Association, you can check out our photos and find out more about what we got up to here.