As many people may already know, we choose a charity to support each month. This month we chose to #MakeMayPurple with Stroke Association, in the name of raising awareness using our favourite colour!

Not only that but we ran a full fundraiser day to raise money and fly our purple flag high! This included our raffle, ‘Pub Quiz’ and more.


How Did SHENCOH Get Involved?

We’ve been having a great time raising money and awareness for Stroke Association. With our brand colours already being purple, we put on a beautiful display in our office with one of the Stroke Association fundraiser packs, which you can get here if you’re looking to do some fundraising of your own, any time of year!


We kicked off our fundraiser with everyone in the office donating money to be in dress down and to compete in the Shencoh Pub Quiz, the winning team of which will be treated to a meal with the bosses later this week.



We also donated to compete in a charity penalty shootout. The winner of which was Max, one of our Managing Directors, who kindly donated his prize to be raffled off to make more money for the cause!

Here are some of our favourite action shots:


If you don’t have anything purple to support Stroke Awareness month, don’t worry – you can purchase Stroke Association tops for £5 each, which already gets you your first donation!

There’s still time to donate if you’d like to get involved with us this month and make a donation to Stroke Association, you can visit our JustGiving page.

Important Qualities of Stroke Association:

Stroke Association are doing mind-blowing work each and every day to help support those going through life following a stroke. Stroke survivors often have trouble with mobility, communication and other obstacles to get through on the road to recovery. Stroke Association provides support for both stroke survivors and their loved ones throughout this process and are bringing some normality back to lives that have changed forever.

Stroke Association are also building a huge awareness around spotting the signs of a stroke. FAST is a method of identifying a stroke and can be a life-saving tool for knowing when to seek medical attention.

Every stroke affects each individual differently, so if even one of the symptoms described in this short video are present, you must seek medical attention and dial 999.

You can find out more about #MakeMayPurple on our previous blog, here.

We support a new charity every month, if you have any suggestions for charities we are yet to donate to, you can let us know on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.