Mike Shenton


I am a co-founder and managing director of Shencoh. With over eight years of experience founding and creating small businesses organically and more than 11 years experience in management.

I am passionate about saving companies across all sectors vast amounts of money and creating a client base of business owners who help us grow by allowing us to help them grow first. Core skills are R&D tax legislation, customer service, process and structure design and implementation, management, training, motivating, accounts, business and marketing strategy.

The ability to always look forward and improve has created an open mind and a successful business helping companies nationwide retrieve their optimum entitlement from HMRC.

Max Cohen


Our business may have begun behind a desk, but it grows from your growth and succeeds from the changes we make directly through your success in innovation. I am Max, a co-founder of Shencoh and managing director.

I am inspired by the advancement of science and technology, by nurturing growth in companies that deserve it through our tax specialist service. Everything I do is designed to make the process of our service efficient and impactful to your business.

I am motivated to give back to the world and make a difference through helping your business gain traction and advance the fields of science and technology.

Martin Raffo


I have been with Shencoh since the beginning as a sales agent and have been in many different roles within this business; Sales Agent, Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and now Sales Director.

I have over ten years of experience in sales and now more than four years at Shencoh, specifically within the Research and Development Tax Credits sector. My core skills are; R&D Tax Legislation, training and development, management, planning and strategy and customer service.

Outside of work, I like to both play and watch football. I play centre back for our very own Shencoh football team.