R&D tax claims can help innovative SMEs grow and develop into stronger businesses within your sector.

Innovation can be refunded back to SMEs through research and development tax rebates

Innovation is essential to all businesses’ growth to aid with efficiency and development. The funding from research and development tax claims can help towards further research and development, which will aid in further innovative strategies that can also be claimed on through the HMRC incentivised scheme known as the R&D tax rebate.

To develop and grow requires funding and that funding can be achieved through an R&D tax rebate, the average claim is £54,000 and this is all achieved from claiming back on research and development. The incentive allows businesses to reinvest money and funds back into their innovative processes so they can achieve more from their projects.

Shencoh is one of the leading research and development specialists that have a 100%success rate when it comes to claiming back R&D tax credits for SMEs. the funding you get can help innovate your SME further and companies need more research and development to achieve better growth.

The unique method shencoh service provides for our clients is one of a kind and we have found to have a 100% success rate. We claim an average of £54,000 for our clients and get the maximum amount from research and development tax claims so that they and possibly yourself could further fund the innovation and development for the business.

Shencoh provides SMEs with funding that rightfully belongs to them through the HMRC research and development tax rebate incentive. This funding has been crucial to many of our clients as they reinvested it back into their projects, whether the project was successful or failed they claimed back through shencoh, you too can check today to see if you are eligible for R&D tax credits.

You can claim for R&D tax credits with us using our unique method and approach we have found to have a 100% success rate. Working with us for a short period of time you may find yourself getting the average claim of £54,000 to better help yourself and your industry even further. This entire process usually takes 8 weeks to fully be complete however it only takes yourself 3 hours. Our team at Shencoh does all the hard work as we are specialized in this field and are heavily focused on R&D claims.

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To better determine if your company is eligible for R&D Tax Credits, you can fill in the form here for a free no obligation chat.

How can SHENCOH help with R&D tax credits claims?

To see if you are eligible take the Shencoh R&D Eligibility Quiz to find out if you have qualifying R&D expenditure and to also speed up the R&D tax claim process for both yourself and Shencoh.

Shencoh is an R&D tax specialist company, with methodology and practices recognised by HMRC. We pride ourselves on not taking more than 3 hours of your time from start to completion, on a no win no fee basis. If you are interested in learning more or need help putting a claim in, please fill in the contact form here or give us a call on 0161 757 3657.