Thousands of UK Limited companies run the risk every year of missing out on 12 months of R&D expenditure.


While you’re wondering if you’re eligible to claim or waiting on your accountant, precious time is being wasted that could cost you thousands of pounds in tax credits.


If you claim your R&D Tax Benefits before your year-end, you’ll not only earn rewards for the last 2 years, but you’ll have another claimable year right around the corner, earning you rewards for a whole extra 12 months.


For example, say your year end is coming up on the last day of October; if you started your claim today, you can claim for the past 2 financial years. That means you’d be rewarded for all claimable areas from November 1st 2015, to October 31st 2016 and November 1st 2016 to October 31st 2017. Then, when your 2018 year end comes around, you can claim for a further 12 months (November 1st 2017 to October 31st 2018).


Moreso, you don’t need to worry too much if you’ve already missed your year-end, the last 2 financial years are still claimable and Shencoh have you covered. By this time next year, we’ll already be working away on your next claim, making sure you never miss a reward again.


It’s that simple, and it’s all no win no fee, so there’s nothing to lose!


It all starts with a quick phone call, one of our agents will find out if you’re eligible and explain your claimable areas. You can use this knowledge to ensure you’re always working with the initiative on future projects. What’s more – the phone call is completely no obligation; there’s no hidden fees, no mailing list and no constant phone calls. Simply let us know if you’d like to sign up and we’ll get started.


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